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With over 30 years of experience in data processing, Trec has evolved into a industry leader with up-to-date technology and accuracy. All data processing personnel have 15 plus years experience in using software certified by the USPS for US addresses, both at the consumer and business list level, first class, standard and non profit rates. We can CASS certify and NCOA update the addresses on your customer list using our USPS-certified software or we can purchase a list just for you. If there’s a need for it, we can find it. If you need duplicates removed or a special barcode added, no problem. This is not our first rodeo. We have the experience and technology to manage any job from the most complicated mailing to a complete rush job. Here are some services that we provide:

Our company uses postal software which utilizes CODE-1? to validate, correct, and standardize our customer’s address data. CODE-1? is batch CASS-certified? by the USPS?. The software has been fully tested and meets all requirements of the Coding Accuracy Support System, including ZIP + 4, carrier route, five-digit and LACSLink, eLOT, DPV? RDI, and Perfect Address.

NCOALink is a product developed, maintained, and distributed by the USPS for the purpose of updating new addresses for consumers who have moved recently. Trec is a proud licensee of NCOALink. We have integrated this new offering into our streamlined workflow process to give you all of the benefits of up-to-the-minute move updates, with no impact to your mail dates.

Delivery Point Validation (DPV)
TREC also provides the next level of address validation through our Delivery Point Validation (DPV?) offering. DPV? is a USPS-based system that enables TREC to verify that an address actually exists. DPV? validates the existence of both the primary and secondary address number, and can determine whether an address is a Commercial Mail Receiving Agent, housing private mail boxes at a distribution location.

Presort Accuracy Validation & Evaluation (PAVE)
PAVE is a testing program run by the USPS to certify that presort software conforms to postal regulations. Software that is PAVE certified must pass a set of tests by submitting paper reports to the USPS using specific test data. Gold certified software must pass an electronic analysis where result files are submitted and then must also pass the paper tests. Our software is PAVE Gold certified.

The move update requirements are changing for both First Class and Standard Mail. These regulations took effect November 2008. Files must be updated every 90 days (previous requirement was 180 days) for both classes of mail in order to qualify for automation discounts.

TREC can ensure the most recent updated information has been applied to your file at the time of mailing, which could maximize your marketing investment and increase response rates.

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